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The Rob Conway Trophy Mini League

League Owner: Phil (Phillareal)

The Rob Conway Trophy is the original and, possibly, most predictable PredictTheScore mini league. It's open to friends and acquaintances of the PredictTheScore family. The original trophy (a much coveted Rob Conway figurine) has long since vanished, but it doesn't really matter because Bambos will usually win it anyway. Matt and Ed will almost certainly stop predicting half way through the season pulling our average down and, if we're feeling competitive, we might kick them out in the last few weeks. We always let them back in though...

Rank Team Predict The Score Predict The Scorer Total
    TW Total TW Total TW Total
1Bamathinaikos (3rd overall)19802514824950
2Phillareal (15th overall)18766014518911
3Fat Albert Rotunda (27th overall)167321016526897
4Pathetico Madrid (48th overall)21755312524880
5k3v0n (82nd overall)2276509122856
6Total Network Predictions (94th overall)13749410217851
7Borussia Predictotron (164th overall)16721410120822
8Bayern Neverlusen (312th overall)06700880758
9Children of the Monkey Basket (554th overall)03180410359

Most Correctly Predicted Results This Week
Note - these may not be final results if the Game Week is not yet over
Fixture Actual Result Predictions
    Hull City vs Arsenal  Away Win7
    Tottenham Hotspur vs Fulham  Home Win7
    Norwich City vs Liverpool  Away Win6

Least Correctly Predicted Results This Week
Note - these may not be final results if the Game Week is not yet over
Fixture Actual Result Predictions
    Chelsea vs Sunderland  Away Win0
    Aston Villa vs Southampton  Draw1
    West Ham United vs Crystal Palace  Away Win1

Most Picked Goalscorers This Week

Harry Kane
Tottenham Hotspur
4 Picks

Jonathan de Guzman
Swansea City
3 Picks

Javier Hernandez
Manchester United
3 Picks

Luis Suarez
2 Picks

Papiss Demba Cisse
Newcastle United
2 Picks

Mark Noble
West Ham United
2 Picks

Jason Puncheon
Crystal Palace
2 Picks

Banter Board

To post to the Banter Board you need to be a) logged in and b) a member of this mini league...

Phil says:
17/08/13 11:42 pm
How much was I in pre-holiday mode when I picked Suarez as a goalscorer?

Phil says:
18/04/13 8:03 am
Horrible, horrible, horrible week. Who came up with this stupid game?

Bambos says:
15/09/12 4:33 pm

Phil says:
17/06/12 9:43 pm
Three-way tie for first. Let's get UEFA to decide, I might come out on top!

Bambos says:
14/06/12 2:48 pm
Kicked out one of the robot teams from the league to boost our overall performance.

Phil says:
13/06/12 7:28 pm
Finally! And with 2 goals from Bendtner... My luck has changed.

Phil says:
13/06/12 8:36 am
Still no correct results. I'm on for some kind of record here.

Phil says:
10/06/12 8:35 pm
I am awful at this. I haven't got a result right yet. Thank God for my goalscorers...

Bambos says:
08/06/12 8:57 pm
This is quite easy!

Phil says:
08/05/12 8:31 pm
It should be noted that, in order to achieve this, I've had to pass ownership of the mini league to Predict-o-tron. Don't let the power go to his head...

Phil says:
08/05/12 8:29 pm
OK guys - for the final week, I'm cutting everyone but the top 5 (including me who has shown a Sunderland-esque end of season drift) Not sure if it'll be enough, but let's see if the RCT can top the league of leagues!

Bambos says:
24/04/12 10:11 pm
glorious week

Phil says:
24/03/12 4:50 pm
He'd stopped predicting! #draggingusdown

Bambos says:
24/03/12 3:39 pm
Phil, can't believe u kicked out Ed! #heartless

Bambos says:
24/03/12 3:38 pm
Wow the league table resembles the real premier league!

Phil says:
17/03/12 5:30 pm
Cannot believe it. Took him out at the last minute. Literally the last thing I did. Arses.

Bambos says:
17/03/12 4:58 pm
Go Sygi!

Kev Gray says:
22/01/12 4:12 pm
ps is there any way you can add a time stamp to comments ?

Kev Gray says:
22/01/12 3:39 pm
norwich chelsea draw, bam I gave you that one on friday...

Phil says:
01/01/12 6:34 pm
Can I just ask, how on earth is anyone supposed to predict these score lines? This is the most ludicrous season I can remember...

Phil says:
01/01/12 6:32 pm
Ah, OK. Think the goal against Fulham was a 3 pointer too. That was enough to put him in contention. The rest is freakish probability...

Bambos says:
31/12/11 5:13 pm
Fuck you Simione Jackson........you scored in the wrong week!

Phil says:
31/12/11 1:19 pm
Or, he scored 9 points last week - why wouldn't they/you pick him?

Matt Kay says:
27/12/11 10:20 pm
God damn you predictotron!?!?!?!?!

Bambos says:
27/12/11 8:30 pm
Let''s do it!

Phil says:
27/12/11 5:05 pm
You know, if we dropped all but the top 5 teams we'd have a shot at being top of the league of leagues...

Phil says:
17/12/11 4:55 pm
That's a bit more like it...

Bambos says:
03/12/11 5:14 pm
back in the game!!!

Phil says:
03/12/11 4:42 pm
...and again. What did Yakubu have for breakfast?

Phil says:
03/12/11 4:40 pm
Credit where credit's due. Those are some awesome goalscorer picks.

Predict-a-Bot says:
03/12/11 4:21 pm
Am I dreaming this?

Bambos says:
06/11/11 7:00 pm
I know what you mean. Had Bale and Vermaelen in my final shortlist.

Phil says:
06/11/11 6:28 pm
Man, I was soooo close to picking Chris Eagles this week...

Bambos says:
06/11/11 2:17 pm
Get in Jamie O'Hara.......you beauty!

Bambos says:
30/10/11 6:08 pm
Only 1/4 of the season gone!. Glad to see some competition after all these years. You'll be mine by Christmas....

Predict-o-tron 3000 says:
29/10/11 6:08 pm
Nice work, Phil. Don't get too comfortable. I am coming to get you...

Phil says:
29/10/11 6:07 pm
Top of the table! Give me five, Predict-o-Tron!

Bambos says:
24/10/11 3:29 pm
I'm glad the hours of analysis and research that I put into the development of my "Advanced Goalscorer Selection Algorithm" (ASGA for short) paid off this week!

Phil says:
22/10/11 7:34 pm
Although it all went downhill after that first goal...

Phil says:
22/10/11 1:35 pm
What. A. Start! Danny Graham, thank you!

Phil says:
17/10/11 7:12 am
Oooh. Thought I'd grabbed top spot with that Demba Ba goal, but it turns out that MK had him too. Still, broke the overall top 30. And I'll catch you next week...

Bambos says:
16/10/11 5:13 pm
Is the Faltering Fullback faltering and falling back?

Phil says:
15/10/11 6:09 pm
Rat? That's not a very nice way to describe Anthony Pilkington...

Phil says:
15/10/11 3:33 pm
I'm coming for you, Kay...

Phil says:
02/10/11 6:34 pm
Top scoring human being... Not bad. Predict-o-tron's on fire at the moment!

Bambos says:
02/10/11 4:47 pm
My Shocking score predictions have been saved by Andy Johnson (Who I can't even remember chosing!! and Scott Sinclair)