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family fortunes............. Mini League

League Owner: Dave Strevett ( Strev87.......)

Family Mini League & The Prize Is Pure Banter Over The Rest Of The Family & To Finish Overall Champions Of League of Leagues AGAIN!

Rank Team Predict The Score Predict The Scorer Total
    TW Total TW Total TW Total
1 Strev87....... (18th overall)17745616623911
2....manu4evra... (108th overall)1875019619846
3del boy....... (129th overall)24734510329837
4...a flashmiester... (241st overall)2473137027801
5Oscars lads (313th overall)1171105011761

Most Correctly Predicted Results This Week
Note - these may not be final results if the Game Week is not yet over
Fixture Actual Result Predictions
    Tottenham Hotspur vs Fulham  Home Win5
    Manchester City vs West Bromwich Albion  Home Win5
    Hull City vs Arsenal  Away Win4

Least Correctly Predicted Results This Week
Note - these may not be final results if the Game Week is not yet over
Fixture Actual Result Predictions
    West Ham United vs Crystal Palace  Away Win0
    Chelsea vs Sunderland  Away Win0
    Everton vs Manchester United  Home Win0

Most Picked Goalscorers This Week

Luis Suarez
4 Picks

Jordon Mutch
Cardiff City
4 Picks

Kevin Nolan
West Ham United
2 Picks

Mohamed Salah
2 Picks

Harry Kane
Tottenham Hotspur
2 Picks

Fraizer Campbell
Cardiff City
1 Picks

Jozy Altidore
1 Picks

Banter Board

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yvonne thompson says:
29/01/14 9:54 pm
desmond im coming to get you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dave Strevett says:
27/11/13 8:18 am
Well done derk on manager of week 12 "Cream always rises ;)All for the team, slowly working our way up the league!

yvonne thompson says:
19/05/13 8:28 pm
well done team for doing one better than last year and coming top woohoo

yvonne thompson says:
02/02/13 5:07 pm
i no cream rises strev but bugger off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

tasha says:
19/01/13 10:29 am
im fighting to stay in 2nd place come on!!!!

yvonne thompson says:
16/01/13 9:52 pm
girl power or what well done tash :)

Dave Strevett says:
21/10/12 7:25 pm
Ha 2hrs to be precise once the arsenal game finished.....got to get the goalscorers going again otherwise there maybe trouble ahead!

yvonne thompson says:
21/10/12 9:40 am
oh surprise surprise not even a day haha..

yvonne thompson says:
20/10/12 5:14 pm
woohoo top 4 one day but the cream will prob rise 2moro...

Dave Strevett says:
07/10/12 6:15 pm
week 7 & your 2nd to bottom lol

tasha says:
02/09/12 9:20 am
Still top after week 3 lol

yvonne thompson says:
02/07/12 3:49 pm
well done me lol..soz daff... well done team 3rd over all a few more goalscorers we might of done it...

13/05/12 7:40 pm
Well done dave you the MAN

yvonne thompson says:
13/05/12 5:28 pm
well done strev legendary genius !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

yvonne thompson says:
09/05/12 10:23 pm
totally agree mick..

09/05/12 2:34 pm
Hardly seems fair we could have 7 or 8 in uor team of course we would have 4or5 high scorers drop 3with one week to go should not be allowed

yvonne thompson says:
09/05/12 7:58 am
shame we havent got 6 in are team we could drop one of them at the last minute...

Dave Strevett says:
01/05/12 7:04 pm
C'mon Maxi a goal or 2 would go down nicely (Y)

Dave Strevett says:
01/05/12 12:13 pm
I couldnt bring myself to predict against utd even thou i had a feeling shiteh would do it grrr, and well done flash & only 2 wks left can you hold on?

tasha says:
01/05/12 11:08 am
I'm back in my favourite spot for now

28/04/12 5:01 pm
Well done gang were almost there keep it up dave for a double

28/04/12 4:59 pm

yvonne thompson says:
21/04/12 5:00 pm
well done del boy youve nearly caught up after missing a week...

Dave Strevett says:
11/04/12 6:33 am
well done del boy top of motm keep it up all for the team of course!

yvonne thompson says:
10/04/12 11:31 pm
shame it dont go just on predictions strev.....and oh dear tash hehe..

Dave Strevett says:
09/04/12 11:42 pm
Now over 100 pts clear of you lot come on fam, interesting battle for 2nd place happening if only del boy....... hadnt missed that sat. would be a 4 way battle

tasha says:
08/04/12 1:05 pm
Still safe in 2nd for now lol Soz mum

Dave Strevett says:
03/04/12 7:19 pm
Think this easter will be the make or break w/e with 20 games ;)

yvonne thompson says:
01/04/12 10:38 pm
come on strev hold on 2 that lead 13 pts ahead now........

yvonne thompson says:
31/03/12 6:18 pm
ooh tash im coming after you so is dad !!!!!!!!!!!!

tasha says:
23/03/12 9:55 pm
soz mother gonna try and hang on for 2nd place as long as poss

Dave Strevett says:
08/03/12 1:26 pm
Family holiday so make sure you all do 2 weeks worth come on 'family fortunes' the brave!

yvonne thompson says:
26/02/12 5:13 pm
if u thought anything of ur mother flash u would let me finish 2nd....

Dave Strevett says:
12/02/12 10:12 am
It's all about the team....

Dave Strevett says:
21/01/12 8:11 pm
Derk you kept tellin me cream always rises to the top & thanx,you were right to keep the faith in me...errr so to you good thing about hittin rock bottom is theres no where else to go but up ;)

derek thompson says:
21/01/12 7:57 pm
Feel like sinking sediment in '3' fall through the day till i █▬█ █ ▀█▀ rock bottom :'(

Dave Strevett says:
13/12/11 12:03 pm
Come on fam we're down to 32 pts letting it slip ;)

03/12/11 5:02 pm
"Yakety Yak Don't Talk Back".

Dave Strevett says:
22/11/11 11:25 am
more like pushing up the daisies....manu4evra

yvonne thompson says:
01/11/11 9:49 am
pushing for the cream strev............

Dave Strevett says:
16/10/11 6:10 pm
Woo hoo everyones had a pretty good wk :D eventually thou the cream always rises to the top :P aah Happy days!!!