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How To Play PredictTheScore - Last updated 16-08-13

Throughout the course of the season, you will have the opportunity to predict the outcome of every game in the Barclays Premier League. Simply provide us with your predicted results for each game and you will be awarded points for accuracy.

  • Each game week you play 2 games, Predict the Score and Predict the Scorer.
  • Points from both games will count towards your total points tally.
  • League tables and team-by-team results are available in the Leaderboard section of this site and update as the games are played through the weekend.
  • Entry forms for each game week will be available in the Predict section of this site.

Predict The Score

  • Predict the Score requires you to predict the scores of all matches listed in the current game week.

  • Points will be awarded as follows:
Correct Result and Correct Score for both teams5 pts
Correct Result and Correct Score for 1 of the teams4 pts
Correct Result only3 pts
Correct Score for 1 of the teams only1 pt

Predict The Scorer

  • Predict the Scorer requires you to select 5 players that you think will score in the current game week.

  • You cannot pick the same player twice (don't even try - they will only get added to the database once and you will be left without your full complement of goalscorers)

  • Each player has a different goal value i.e. goals by strikers are generally worth less than goals by defenders.

  • Players and their points value will change as the season progresses. This will be based on the popularity of each player in Predict the Scorer - so you'll need to go hunting to find the less obvious (and therefore better value) players to score maximum points
  • All transfers made during the official transfer windows (whether new players to the game or existing players changing clubs) will be introduced as they are confirmed.

  • If you select a player that has transfered to a new club before the PredictTheScore database has updated you will still get the points if they score for their new club - e.g. Select Wayne Rooney (Man Utd) and you would still get points for any goals he scores for Chelsea.

  • PredictTheScore reserves the right to reassign goals to new goalscorers if the Premier League's "Dubious Goals Panel" make a ruling. All points will be amended accordingly, although manager of the month winners that have already been announced will not be altered.

Entry Fee & Prizes

  • Entry to Predict The Score is FREE for the whole season. To sign up, enter your details via the link here.
  • There are no prizes for Predict The Score, but kudos will be awarded to the overall winner, the "Golden Boot" winner (the player with the most goalscorer points) and, every 4 weeks, the "Manager of the Month"


  • All players are responsible for ensuring that their predictions are submitted by the agreed deadline, which is the published kick-off time for each game.
  • You cannot predict scores for games that have already kicked off.
  • You cannot pick goalscorers from team that has already kicked off in the current game week.

Mini Leagues

  • Each Predict The Score player can set up one mini league, and invite people to join their league.
  • You can be a member of as many mini leagues as you like (but you have to be invited by the league creator).
  • All mini leagues with 5 or more members will be entered into the League of Leagues.