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Latest Posts - posts by Jezza Bryan

Fantasy Cup

posted by Jezza Bryan on 06 Jan 2012

No Cup this year?
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Manager of the Month

posted by Jezza Bryan on 02 Mar 2011

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone at PTS for the Manager of the Month award. The Champage was most welcome but this has been put firmly on ice until such times as we are back in the top 100.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the board here at KJSM on their support in what has been a difficult season.

King Jezza



King Jezza's Spunky Monkeys

posted by Jezza Bryan on 12 Jan 2011

Despite a difficult league campaign this season, and elimination from the cup at the weekend, the board at King Jezza's Spunky Monkeys would like to publicly give the manager, King Jezza, their vote of confidence.

We hope this will end the relentless newspaper speculation that has surrounded the club over the last few weeks, and allow the manager to concentrate on moving the club back to the higher echelons of the PTS league.






posted by Jezza Bryan on 12 May 2010

Well done to everyone that stuck with it all through the season.  Congrats to the top 10 , particularly Steve for his consistency (get yourself down the bookies next season for correct score betting) and Eamonn for lifting the trophy.

I finished above Slavo which is all I really cared about.

Bring on the World Cup!


Team Names

posted by Jezza Bryan on 30 Oct 2008

As I survey the league each week to find how far I have dropped I always have a good old chuckle at some of the competitors chosen team names. Here are a few of my favorites in no particular order. Explanations of your team name would be a welcome addition to this blog.

Shaggy Arse Rovers FC
The Friendly Terrorists
Northern Girls Love Gravy
(1) Damn it! I keep 4getin 2 predict
bogs dollocks fc
OnlyAGirlWhatDoIKnow Utd (141st place at present)
I'm Fartacus
Smelly BallBags F.C
Sporting Hedgehog
Children of the Monkey Basket
Silence of the Rams

and of course without meaning it to be so funny there is also

Juande Ramos' Blue n White Army.

Well done all. Come on Boro'

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6 Points for a perfect score?

posted by Jezza Bryan on 10 Oct 2008

Am i the only one who thinks that a perfect score should be given a bonus point?

Come on the Boro'

The Season starts here for the mighty Boro'

posted by Jezza Bryan on 08 Nov 2007

Win away to Bolton and watch the red and white army march up the Premiership to Europe.