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posted by David Harding on 24 Jan 2012

Dear PTS,

I have a query about a Damien Duff 'goal' at the weekend; basically I am not sure if I have or have not been awarded 6 points erroneously.
On the mini-league table it says I got 6 points, on my own prediction page it says not, and I rightfully got 0.
My points total, which I am pretty sure was 89 before Saturday, is also unchanged, but have a feeling the 6 points could have been added somewhere.
Could you clarify, ta?

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posted by David Harding on 05 Oct 2011

Dear PTS,

It has been brought to my attention by a bitter, sad and lowly member of my league that I have been given extra points for Daniel Sturridge goals at the weekend.

You have him down as scoring three, sadly he only scored two, so I should have two scorer points taken off me.

If you could do that, I would appreciate it, if only so I no longer have to hear the sound of crying from my rival. Be warned, he's threatened to get his mum to email you if this doesn't work.

Last week, he celebrated a birthday which began with 3  and surprisingly had another number after that.

Many thanks,

Kaiserslautern **