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posted by paolo on 14 May 2012

thanks again Phil for another great season. really good job.
looking forward to August.
Unfortunately none of my players have been picked for their countries for EuroPredictTheScore, so I can sit on the beach and just relax.
cheers again,

Didnt Walters score last night?

posted by paolo on 01 Nov 2011

I didnt have him, but know some people did in our league and he havent been given their one point.
Just raising this, you know, in the interests of fairness blah blah blah whatever etc.
cheers Phil, keep up the good work.
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Final Countdown

posted by paolo on 02 May 2011

Hey there Phil, just like to say, as we come down to the last three weekends of the season, well done for a terrific site. It's our league's first year on PredictTheScore.net and we've all enjoyed it. Sadly, any mini-league title ambitions I had vanished at the weekend when I fell apart as easily as an Arsenal title challenge (ironically, their result was one of the few I got right).

One thing was going to ask if it's possible for next season... I know we already have the 'How The League Would Look If Your Predos Were Correct' table (mine is pretty laugable - Arsenal won the league about a month ago and Stoke were relegated at about the same time), but for next season are you able to do a table of Scorers? It could be a table of the scorers each player has picked and how many points they have gathered from them. Could also have a separate table of which Premier league players are winning the scorers points battle overall during a season. Dunno, was just a thought. If it's not an easy thing to do dont worry.

All the best for rest of season,



Problems with Scorer Selection for Midweek Games

posted by paolo on 09 Nov 2010

Hey Phil, hope all is well. just a quick query... at the weekend i only selected three scorers, preferring to leave two over for the midweek games when i would have more time to consider who to pick. but even though ive two more to pick technically for the 20 games, when i go into tonights fixtures it wont let me scroll through scorers. the two remaining scorer selection boxes have shrunk and when you click on them you get nothing. sorry to be a pain but any chance this can be sorted out?




Which player is the best value-for-points in PredictTheScorer?

posted by paolo on 18 Aug 2010

Hello all. Am new to PredictTheScore (am a blow-in from the now defunct Guardian predo site) and am really enjoying it so far. the site is great, easy to use and, most importantly, fun. good job guys.

Just thought I would try to get a bit of banter and debate going by asking all you predictors out there who you think is the best value for points at the moment in the Predict The Scorer section.

Here's a few I thought were decent:

- Gareth Bale (4 points): shame he hit the post on Saturday, would have landed me some much needed points. Bizarrely, he is the same value as Michael Dawson.

- Steven Gerrard (3 points): not Stevie G's biggest fan, but the man gets goals. I expect his points value to drop pretty quickly...

- Darren Bent (3 points): he bangs them in all the time. Way more than his strike partner Danny Welbeck, who remarkably is valued at 1 point.

who else do you think is good value for points at the moment.....